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Long term rental Rio de Janeiro – for Expatriates

You are moving to Rio and searching a long term rental flat? 

It starts with the language, but if only that was it. The move, new colleagues, new surroundings. Now it is important to find a new home quickly, a retreat where you feel comfortable and can relax.

Unfortunately, the housing market in Rio de Janeiro is not that easy. Most of the flats do not meet the standard you are used to at home.

In which district should one live? Where is it safe? Where do I feel comfortable?

We will gladly help you find a nice, fully equipped flat.
Almost all our flats are ready for you to move in. From internet, cable TV, cutlery to towels and bed linen, everything is available. You don’t have to worry about any gas or electricity connection and we also take care of the payment of the monthly bills of the flat like condominio, taxes, electricity, gas, internet. This way you will not miss any payment deadline, which quickly leads to a 10% penalty or even the power cut and you have time for a successful start in Rio de Janeiro.

With homesinrio.com you have an uncomplicated contract, without the usual bureaucracy in Brazil. We have been working with expats for many years.
We know exactly how we can make your life easier.

Contact us directly to discuss your relocation needs or have a look at our available long term rental flats.

What is a longterm rental in Rio de Janeiro?

In Brazil short term rental contract are up to three month. Long term rental contracts are normally 30 month but they can include a clause about cancellation after 1 year contract without fines.

Rental prices 

Monthly prices depend very often on the period of the lease, sometimes on season. If you need a contract for some months only, perhaps because your Visa situation is still not resolved you can make a short term rental contract (up to three month) or even a contract for a longer period. If this period covers low season (from april to october) the rent per month will be lower as in high season.

In contracts for a period less than 1 year some owners ask for a higher price during the highseason period or at least during a month including New Year or Carnival. This is always a question of negotiation and depends on the owner.

Our prices normally include the costs for Condominio (management fees of the building), IPTU (government taxes), highspeed interne and cable TV. It does not include electricity and gas. These utility costs are paid by the client depending on his usage. Gas costs normally are very low (20-40 USD/month) but electricity costs can be high if you use a lot the ACs.

Condomino costs (management fees of the building)

These costs are high in Brazil and depends a lot on the building and on the size of the apartment. In a small studio these costs vary between 400 BL and 100 BRL/month. In a big apartment with 200 m2, garage and only 6 apartments in the building these costs are often between 2000 BRL and 3500 BRL/month.

Most companies make offers without including Condominio and IPTU costs. We include these costs in almost all contracts because it can be complex to pay these bills especially if you have no bank account in the beginning of your stay. Also in case of any delayed payment like Condominio fees, fines can be high (up to 10%).

Highspeed internet and cable TV

Also these costs are high in Brazil. Depending on the apartment the owner offers a basic package for about 150 BRL/month in the rent or a package with lots of channels, which can easily costs around 500 BRL/month.

Security deposits

For a 30-month contract, the deposit is normally 3 month of rent, but some owners are satisfied with one or two month of rental fee. Other owners ask for a guarantor.


Depending on the contract. In most cases a 30-month contract defines a maximum fine of 3 month in case the contract is cancelled. This fine are proportional to the remaining time until the end of the contract. After 10 month (20 month left), the fine is 20/30 of the maximum fine equal 2 month.

Expatriate clause

Correspondent to international law contracts of expatriates can be cancelled earlier if the expatriate has to move to another town or country.

What we need to know from you to make first offers for a long term rental contract in Rio de Janeiro?

  • How many months will you rent the flat?
  • Starting from which month?
  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • How many persons will live in the apartment (adults, men, women, kids – the owners want to know)?
    Who will pay the rent – you or your company

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