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Once seen never forgotten. Copacabana is the perfect location for your holiday. The most famous beach in the world. Beautiful sunrises, lots of beach sports, excellent bars and restaurants. 

It is less hip than Ipanema, but many tourists prefer Copacabana apartments, because life here is more Brazilian or a bit less European as in Ipanema. The beach in Copacabana is broader; many people make sports even after sunset. In the evening, it is great to walk at the boardwalk of Copacabana along the beach. 

It is easy to find accommodation in Copacabana : luxury apartments or penthouses. The biggest difference between an apartment and a penthouse is that most apartments have no balcony at all or only a small one. You have to decide how important a big terrace in a penthouse is or if you prefer to spend your time on the beach and not on the terrace of the luxury apartment or penthouse.

Our Copacabana apartments and penthouses have a very good quality and have a better price as in Ipanema. If you stay front beach in luxury Copacabana apartments or in a Copacabana penthouse you will enjoy some of the most amazing beach views – that’s real holiday feeling and you will never forget it. 

Rio has a reputation for violence, but travellers will find themselves no more at risk than in most metropolis in the world. Since all favelas around Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon have been occupied by the State and changed to “pacified districts” (in 2009/2010), its residents have gone through a process of social inclusion. Results are remarkable. Safety improved significantly

Copacabana is equal safe as Ipanema and perhaps at night even safer, because of much more people on the streets.

Here in Copacabana you can enjoy at New Year one of the biggest and most impressive fireworks in the world. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to to make your experience unforgettable.

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